A Documentary Feature Film

Fish & Men

The 21st century global appetite for protein grows, while the fate of the world’s last wild-caught food is based on demand rather than what the ocean can sustainably supply. In this irrational seafood economy, 90% of the seafood Americans eat is imported. Fish & Men examines the state of the American fishing industry all along the global supply chain, centered around an iconic Gloucester fisherman through the eyes of Richard Burgess who’s fished the Gulf of Maine for 40 years.

Fish & Men explores why it’s important consumers understand where their fish came from, who caught it, and how it got to their plate. We reveal the laziness of the American seafood diet, and what can be done to improve it led by the innovation of America’s most celebrated chefs.

Fish & Men wants us to rediscover our human relationship to the sea, and how we might change our seafood system to save a 400 year old American tradition.

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