ESPN EQ3: “Picky Eater” w/Steven A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky

“ESPN Spiderverse: “Spidercenter” w/Ashley Brewer and George Kittle

ESPN Spiderverse: “#1 Spidey Fan” w/Stan Verett and George Kittle

ESPN/Venom2: “Roommates” w/George Kittle

NBA2K China: “Master” w/Shaquille O’neal

UW Credit Union: “Scarecrow” 

ESPN/Jurassic World Dominion: “Dinosaurs”

Ohio Lottery: “The Yoga Thing”

Tab Flow: “Tiny Tacos”

Gorton’s: “Shrimp Tales”

MyQ: “Secure the Premises”

MyQ: “I’m Comin’ In”

Telemundo: “Gooooool!” w/Andrés Cantor

Marco’s Pizza: “Curfew”

Mercari: “Meetup”

Suddenlink: “Chainsaw”

Optimum: “Boyfriend”

Eckrich: “Bring the Smoke”

Bose QC35s: “Bus Banter”

Outback Steakhouse “Generic Fans”

Outback Steakhouse: “Halftime Speech”

Parm Crisps: “Late Night Snack”

Lending Tree: “Cash Upgrade”

Suddenlink: “Guys”

Cat Boots and Shoes: “The Fan”

Sudden link: “Spooky House”

Draft Kings with Charles Barkley

PIE Insurance: “Another Friendly Reminder”

Candid: “Simone Smiles” w/Simone Biles

Candid: “Gooat”

Bose: “Target Practice”

Suddenlink: “Hitchhiker”

WILT: “Body Cast”

Suddenlink: “Movers Anxiety”

Bose: “Wrap Game”

Marco’s Pizza: “Precious Cargo”

Hawaiian Airlines: “Next Vacation”

Optimum: “Football Poor”